An introduction to YERA

The English version of our website is still under construction, only the Dutch version has been finished for now. Please do return at another moment.

Young Energy Reviewers Association is a think tank on energy, started by master students engineering in Belgium (Leuven). YERA’s goal is to provide correct information on the energy topic to the public, using well founded arguments. The independency from industry of YERA is one of its main pillars.

Energy provision in a way that is both sustainable and economic will be the main challenge of the coming century. This transition is already happening. However, it is important that the public supports these changes. Therefore they need clear information, not biassed by political or commercial theories that do not make sense.

The way YERA fulfills this task is by publishing articles on a regular basis. These articles are focussed on Belgian and European energy topics. They are written in a way, easy to understand by the main public.

Apart from publishing articles, YERA also organizes events to promote the energy topic. Examples are visits to companies active in the energy field, movie evenings, and in the near future our first debate will take off.

We also would like to incentivize international students to set up a YERA-like organization in their home country. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need some help.

If you want more information, you can always contact